Historical Background

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Historical Background :-

In 1955, Civil Engineering School was opened by a society named "Institute of Engineering & Rural Technology". Late Shanker Saran, retired judge Honorable High Court of Allahabad and Late Vishwamitra an advocate were respectively the President and Secretary of the society. This school was self sustaining its activities.[clarification needed] A good number of students were admitted every year. The students were awarded two years' Diploma in Civil Engineering Course by the Board of Engineering College. In 1962 U.P. Government took over this Institute by constituting a registered society named " Allahabad Engineering Polytechnic, Allahabad. "

The society constituted a Board of Management/Managing Committee constituting of 11 members to manage affairs of the Polytechnic. The state government awarded the status of Grant in Aid to the Institute. The rules and by-laws of the society were accordingly framed and the Director of Technical Education, U.P. became ex-officio Secretary of Management Committee.

Reviewing the multifarious activities and the achievements of the Institute in the country and abroad, the U.P. Government changed the name of Allahabad Polytechnic to"Institute of Engineering and Rural Technology (I.E.R.T) " in 1982 and designated the post of "Director" in place of Principal, and the Institute was simultaneously awarded the Academic Autonomy. An Autonomy Committee was constituted and Secretary Technical Education, U.P. became ex-officio Chairman of the committee. The Institute of Engineering & Rural Technology was established in 1955.

In the year 1962 it became the institution of the State under Grant in Aid. Subsequently in the year 1982 the Institute was awarded Academic Autonomy by the State Government. The governance of the institution remains under the predominant control of the State. The institution had already established itself as a premier institution : rather the best among the very best in the country in diploma engineering programs.

The institute maintains the same position. The Engineering Degree Division of the Institute Of Engineering and Rural Technology, Allahabad was set up in 2001,when the college started offering degree courses in engineering with affiliation from U.P. Technical University , Lucknow (UP) It started its academic activities from October 2001 with the first batch joining the college on 30th October 2001.

The Institute has a highly developed educational infrastructure and good faculty with an international outlook. The Institute aims to have a very active interaction with the industry and has a mission to serve society by training professionals who can be leaders in innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and management.

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