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Engineering Degree Courses:

In the year 2001, The State Govt. and the AICTE, based upon the established excellent credentials,awarded the Institute to start Degree Courses., and IERT became the first diploma level Institute to start Degree Courses on a self sustained basis in the following branches.

  1. Computer science & Engg.     -45 seats
  2. Electronics Engg.                   -60 seats
  3. Industrial & Production Engg. -45 seats
Facilities for degree students:
  • Excellent hostel accomodation is available on merit cum need basis.
  • Opportunity for participating in games, sports, cultural activities,NCC & NSS.
  • Well equipped laboratories.
  • Well established Library.


Criteria of Admission:
Admission to the first sem. of B.Tech. course shall be made as per the rules of UPSEAT.

A candiate who has passed the 10+2 examination of U.P. Board or its equivalent with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English is eligible for admission.

The duration of B.Tech. course is 4yrs. comprising of two semesters.

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