Diploma Courses

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Diploma Courses

Name Of Courses No, Of Sheets
-Archetecture & Town Planning 20
-Construction Technology 20
-Public Health Engg. 15
-Power Plant Engg. 60
-Production Engg. 30
-Automobile Engg. 20
-Tool Engg. 30
-Refrigeration & Aia Conditioning Engg. 20
-Tubewell Engg. 15


High School pass with Science & Maths, to conducted by Madhyamic Shiksha Parishad U.P. or its equivalent.There is no minimum or maximum age limit for 3-yrs. engg. courses.

-Commercial Practice 30
-Materials management 20
-Marketing Management 20


Intermediate (10+2) with English & Hindi at High School or Intermediate level. Minimum age limit is 16 yrs. but there is no upper age limit.


Diploma in any branch of engg./Tech. or graduation in any descipline with Physics & Maths at Intermediate level or its equivalent.Minimum age limit is 18 yrs. but there is no upper age limit.

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