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The PDCA is proud to announce the 5th Professors’ Driven Pile Institute, to be held June 14 – 20, 2009, at Utah State University in Logan, UT.
Through the Professors’ Driven Pile Institute, the PDCA has provided the nation’s leading engineering professors with the expertise to teach over 4000 engineering students about driven pile advantages.

Without question, this program is the standard by which all “teach the teacher” programs are judged and is the best way to ensure the continued progress and strength of our industry for the coming years.

A key component in the increased visibility and marketability of driven piles has been our liaison with academia through the PDCA’s Professors’ Driven Pile Institute. Almost 100 of the nation’s leading engineering professors have completed this intensive, five-day training program. Professors learn about driven pile design, installation, quality control and assurance, and advancements in driven pile technology. They come away from this course with the knowledge, skill, and materials to teach their engineering students about the value of driven pile.
They also are presented with information explaining the role of the PDCA in the industry and how we are advancing driven piles through technology, education, marketing, and private and public liaisons.

The PDCA funds virtually all expenses for the professors, making it an expense program to conduct, but worth every dollar invested. This is a WIN/WIN program. The end result is a new generation of engineers specifying driven pile as the preferred method for deep foundations and earth retention systems.

The PDCA is accepting applications by professors who are currently teaching undergraduate or graduate courses in deep foundations; or professors who will be teaching courses in deep foundations during the Fall Semester of 2009.

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